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Haiti Update: An Urgent Message from Staff on the Ground
Dear ,
Life in Haiti is increasingly precarious: the cost of food, water, medicines and gasoline continues to skyrocket, even as basic supplies get more scarce. Life for those in the communities that we serve - people who already live in extreme poverty on less than $2 a day - is a daily struggle.
HUFH is on the ground to help.
Some nonprofits have been forced by civil protests to cut back their services and withdraw some of their staff. We have not:
We live here! 
We have worked in Haiti for nearly 10 years and have a full Haitian staff and infrastructure capable of delivering our services to those in desperate need, but to do so, we need your help.

Haitian Led - Haitian Run - Programs That Last

What makes us different? In the words of Fritznel Jean, HUFH's Assistant Executive Director on the ground:

"This is to tell you how HUFH staff handled the programs during the situation of the country from the unrest of the last couple of weeks in Haiti.
"Together with your support, we made Hands Up for Haiti become our own on the ground and that brought many positive changes. During the unrest with all the protests, many organizations couldn’t follow up because they rely on people from USA or Canada. These people had to leave the country or couldn’t get there. But at Hands Up for Haiti, because we have done so much EDUCATION and TRAINING, our ground staff could take over. Our Hands up for Haiti staff did not give up. We created strategies to get to the communities we are serving, especially in some sites we did door to door to deliver the Medika Mamba to the malnourished kids because they needed immediate assistance, otherwise situation would get worse for them.
"At HUFH we make the difference. Haitian Staff Plus our Donors do the positive impact.
"We would like to thank, congratulate and encourage our donors because without them we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals."
Mesi anpil – “thank you very, very much.”
From All of Us at Hands Up for Haiti
Our Mission
Hands Up for Haiti is a medical humanitarian organization making a sustainable and positive impact on the health of the people of northern Haiti.
    • We empower local Haitian staff to deliver life-saving programs to the most medically needy and disadvantaged children and families in northern Haiti.
    • We collaborate with and support the Haitian medical community.
    • We mentor local leaders and provide professional education opportunities.
    • We deliver direct care, support community health workers, and support community education programs on health and well-being.
    • We send visiting teams to provide targeted program and outreach support.
    • We provide clean water for our communities through the building and maintenance of wells.
    • We partner with local organizations and hospitals.

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