Winter 2021 Newsletter
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Schecter,
“Mesi anpil” – thank you - for responding with such a big heart in these challenging times. As the need grows, you do not sit idly by. It is hard to put into words just how grateful all of us at Hands Up for Haiti are for your support.
Hands Up for Haiti is a relatively small organization with a big dream: building a better and healthier future for children of Haiti and their families. We are making that dream a reality because of the dedication of our staff and volunteers in Haiti and abroad, and most importantly, because of you, our donors. You are a vital part of keeping the framework intact and even helping to make it more solid.
Special thanks to those of you who donated in memory of our beloved Board member, Dr. Hemant Kairam, a gifted pediatrician who has been an integral part of HUFH since its inception, and who left us far too soon. Through your gifts, his legacy of caring and compassion will live on in the children and mothers who we help. You can read more about Dr. Kairam here.
With your generous support, you help create a healthy and hopeful future for the children of Haiti. Listen to a short message from some grateful kids here:
With you by our side, we are truly saving lives and improving health for some of the poorest people in the world. Please read more about the programs your support makes happen below.
Click here to read A Decade of Making A Difference, our impact brochure.
we continue to expand the reach of all of our health programs.
Some highlights:

With your support, our Malnutrition Program treats a growing number of children as the pandemic causes increased food insecurity. To meet the need, we recently launched a fifth program site in the rural community of Gede. In a country where approximately one out of five children is malnourished, we have already screened more than 100 children at this new site and admitted nearly one-third into the program.
  • For a thumbnail view of the Malnutrition Program, click here.
  • Meet Wisnaïlie, a child who was saved by donors like you. Watch her story here.


Our Prenatal Program now includes monthly medical check-ups in addition to providing nutrition and education. Thanks to a very generous donor, our obstetrician now has a portable ultrasound to use, and we are hoping to obtain more to increase our reach. For a thumbnail view of the Prenatal Program, click here.

We just launched a Well-Baby Initiative to address the fact that most newborns in Haiti do not have access to medical attention, especially from birth to six months, a critical time for growth and development. At HUFH we believe that babies deserve good preventative care, much the same as in countries where resources are not limited. With our new initiative, we are doing just that. You can read more about this new initiative here.


Following Covid-19 safety precautions, our Mobile Santè Outreach Clinics are reaching more communities without doctors each month, referring patients to our own programs and elsewhere - saving lives.
Our Saving Vision Program is now part of Mobile Santè, reaching more people in need of screening and treatment for visual impairment.

Our Clean Water Program builds water wells for those who otherwise would have no access to clean water. We teach disease prevention and hygiene and build handwashing stations to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For a thumbnail view of our Community Water Program, click here.

Our Hypertension Screen and Treat Program, which prevents stroke and premature death, expects to add new program sites in the coming months. For a thumbnail view of our hypertension program, click here.

We do it all by investing in deep-rooted relationships that empower Haitian professionals to affect lasting and positive change in their communities:

Haitian Run + Haitian Led = Lifesaving Programs that Build a Better Future.

And we can do it because of donors like you.
You can read more about all of our programs, and what your donations support, here.
HUFH’s newly appointed executive board took office on January 1 -- a perfect way to mark Haiti Independence Day! We welcome:

  • Wendy Marx, a pediatrician who has held many different roles at HUFH, and enjoys a broad understanding of HUFH’s needs and goals.
  • Bobby Derival, a public health professional who, as a first generation Haitian-American, brings to the HUFH Board a unique understanding of the culture and challenges of the people of Northern Haiti.
Read more about our Board of Directors here.
We are planning a winter and spring full of fun and unique events.
SAVE THE DATE & Join us for:

For kids & their families: Story time with award-winning Haitian-American author Cindy Similien, a special program celebrating diversity, inclusion and kindness.
The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday,
Monday, January 18, 5 pm EST

Watch for more information about other events: tequila tasting, cooking and more . . .

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Thanks to the Support of our Board of Directors, Donor Funds Go Directly to Program Support
Thank you to our Board of Directors, whose members underwrite our administrative expenses. Because of their generosity, commitment and vision, Almost Every Cent of Every Dollar Donated Goes Directly to Helping Children, Mothers and Families through our medical programs.

Our Mission
Hands Up for Haiti delivers lifesaving health care to the sickest and most impoverished people of Northern Haiti.

Our Vision
Haitian Run + Haitian Led = Lifesaving Programs that Build a Better Future.

How We Do It
“Sante Kominotè” - Community Based Health Care delivered by hands on the ground, in collaboration with helping hands from neighbors to the north.

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