Now is the Time to Spread the Word!
Greetings Joanne,
June HCAO News Update:
Single Payer Oregon 2020!
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President's Message
Now is the Time to Spread the Word:
Single Payer Oregon 2020!

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--Tom Sincic, President, Health Care for All-Oregon

Greetings fellow Single Payer Supporters!
Our mission is in high gear. The enthusiasm of the HCAO Member Meeting attendees demonstrated this. I was thrilled that the members had the confidence to elect me to serve as HCAO president. As a nurse, I couldn't think of a better place to put my energy.
Now is the Time to Spread the Word--Single Payer Oregon 2020. We must build an HCAO database of 80,000 supporters. This must be a primary element of every activity.

What is needed now from you:

HCAO June Membership Meeting:
An Appreciation

--Benjamin Gerritz, Vice-President Health Care for All-Oregon

On my drive home from our Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) statewide meeting on June 10, I was filled with inspiration, motivation, love, and hope.  I attribute this to you with deep appreciation for those who joined us in Salem, and I express my admiration for your continued dedication to health care for all: everybody in, nobody out.
HCAO Welcomes New Officers and Board Members


Larry's Corner: Become a Member!

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by Larry Symonds, HCAO Fundraising Manager
I want to take a few minutes this month to talk about the importance of individuals as
members in HCAO. While most who read this newsletter are not only supporters, but also members, many have not taken that step. Becoming an individual member/supporter is both simple and important. It drives our efforts and, most significantly, is the backbone of our financial well-being.
Reminder: you can become a member or simply add additional financial support by clicking HERE.

Big Pharma
Film Tour Supports Campaign to Control Drug Prices

-- Lee Mercer, HCAO Mobilization Committee Chair

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When Richard Master, CEO of MCS Industries and producer of Big Pharma: Market Failure (click here for trailer) flew out with his wife Susan to do a whirlwind film tour in Oregon this month, he helped boost the campaign to cap outrageous pharmaceutical costs in Oregon. He also continued with his work building a nationwide organization engaging business owners in the campaign for universal publicly funded health care.
Help Offered for Screenings of
Sick Around the World

Ken Rosenberg and others will be hosting house parties and workplace presentations of the T.R. Reid video Sick Around the World: Other Rich Countries Have Universal Health Care. Why Don't We?

If you want to host a house party or workplace presentation, contact Ken Rosenberg. We will supply the video (60 minutes) and facilitate discussion. Will travel.

Sick Around the World will be screened on Wednesday, July 12, noon to 1:30 p.m., at the McCoy Building (Multnomah County Health Dept), 426 SW Stark, Portland, 10th floor conference room. It is free and open to the public.
On Medicare's Birthday. . .
Where Will You Be?
-- Lisa Stiller, Chair, HCAO Medicaid/Medicare Advocates
Medicare celebrates its 52nd birthday on July 30, 2017, and it's an important date! Despite threats to make cuts to the program, it has survived. But with a current unpredictable administration and a Congress determined to cut health care and safety net programs until people bleed, this year it is especially important to take to the streets, take to your local park or wherever people can gather publicly to celebrate Medicare and demand that no cuts be made. Medicare needs to be expanded and improved so that it is available to all.
HCAO Advocacy Action Alert!
Single Payer in the News
News from Around the State

Building the Movement!

Nurses Speak Out for Single Payer


A Single Payer System Now, Please!
 --Rachel Prusak, Family Nurse Practitioner and Vice President of Nurses for Single Payer
I was about to sit down and write my monthly story about the need for a single payer system when a Facebook memory from 2011 popped up in my news feed, entitled “Single Payer Now Please.” Yes, that’s right, exactly six years ago. So Instead of rewriting a piece, I decided to share what I wrote in 2011. It clearly shows I was frustrated after an especially difficult week, and I decided to write an open letter to Insurance companies on social media:
Dear Insurance companies,
Here are three real examples of live patients I tried to treat this week, but you made it extremely difficult to nearly impossible.
Nico's Story
--Nico Serra, HCAO Board member

Less than a month after the Affordable Healthcare Act passed and about six weeks after I moved from Utah to Oregon, I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I lost my ability to hike, rock climb, white water raft, mountain bike and play softball. After working first as a public school teacher and later as a wilderness therapy field instructor in Utah, it was difficult knowing that I wouldn't be able to enjoy Mount Hood or the Pacific Ocean like I had hoped. But the health care expansion allowed me to have regular checkups with my doctor for the first time, and I was able to get treatment for a congenital disease that, combined with my traumatic injuries, had left me unable to walk much or perform many functions of daily living. 
Support Universal Health Care Today
Want to be more involved in the HCAO community and policymaking process?

 Be part of the change!
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