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July 2020


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A changed world
Since we last wrote, Covid-19 has accelerated around the world, disrupting supply chains, weakening health systems, and worsening existing crises.
In the face of this, our work is more important than ever – and we’ve stepped up. Incredibly, in the last six months (despite challenging new ways of working), we have shipped 4.4 million treatments to reach people in 31 countries: this compares with 1.3m treatments for the whole of 2019.
Collaboration in Lebanon
In May, we celebrated the arrival of a large shipment of donated medicines to Lebanon, to two long term partners   International Medical Corps and Anera. The driver for this donation was the worsening economic situation in country. Anera told us: 
The three-way collaboration between IHP, Anera and IMC resulted in a shipment of 42,288 donated treatments worth more than £145,000. “This was collaboration at its best,” said our partner International Medical Corps, an NGO that operates in 30 countries.
Medicines for Covid-19 and Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo
We’ve also sent 24 Essential Health Packs to International Medical Corps in the DRC containing around 20,000 donated treatments including basic medicines such as painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, plus medical supplies such as catheters. In addition, we’ve sent:
  • £75,000 worth of medicines to Life for African Mothers, our partner in Liberia, to help its Covid-19 response. “These medications came at the right time,” said Dr Wilhelmina Jallah, the country’s minister of health.
  • 23,000 treatments to help 7,700 internally displaced people in Burkina Faso through Association Paam Laafi (APL) which runs a hospital northeast of the capital, Ouagadougou, and has a mobile clinic.
  • Our first shipment to Bangladesh for a while, working with Project Hope to respond to Cyclone Amphan.
  • Shipments to 28 other countries including Honduras, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Gaza and Guatemala.
Two new partnerships
We’ve confirmed a new partnership with Aviation Sans Frontieres (ASF), which is generously financing a shipment to Democratic Republic of the Congo, where another of our partners, Dr Denis Mukwege Foundation, is helping coordinate the fight against Covid-19 in South Kivu province. ASF is also supporting a shipment to Burkina Faso where we’re working with Tearfund Belgium.
Separately, we’ve established a new partnership with UK-Med, part of UK Emergency Medical Team, providing high-quality emergency healthcare solutions in humanitarian contexts on behalf of the UK government.
The Summer Series: sharing best practice online
As well as being involved in day-to-day facilitation of donated medicines to those in need, we encourage others to engage in the mission to provide access to needed products. Since 2017, we’ve been gathering members of our medical gifts-in-kind community to share best practice. This year, we moved online with a summer series, welcoming speakers from the Wellcome Trust, GSK, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Partnership for Quality Medical Donations and NGO partners, Project Hope and Foundation Panzi DRC, to our two 75-minute webinars. Click below to watch
We’ve also launched the Product Giving Alliance in conjunction with Charity Digital, FareShare and In Kind Direct, calling on British businesses to donate more goods and services in response to the pandemic. We’re aiming to increase confidence that donations can deliver measurable social impact, and highlight environmental benefits of donating surplus stock.
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Scaling up to meet the needs
We have two vacancies: for a programmes officer to support our work in health programmes and humanitarian response, and for a corporate partnerships officer to coordinate the donations process and manage relationships with our corporate donors. If you (or someone you know) would be interested in joining us, more information is here.
Lockdown and beyond
During lockdown, staff and supporters have taken on challenges to raise funds. A special thank you to Marie-Solange Ladenius and Dr Jo Hobbs who donated the proceeds of sales of their watercolour paintings and vegetables (respectively) to IHP.
While we’re all at home more, online shopping is exploding. One easy way to support IHP for free is to use Amazon Smile when shopping online. Shop through smile.amazon.co.uk and select International Health Partners as your beneficiary charity: this means we’ll receive 0.5% from each transaction you make. It all adds up!
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We continue to face challenging times in the UK, thank you for staying with us to help those in other countries who face difficulty – your support is so vital. Please visit our website or social media platforms to keep up to date with our work.

Adele Paterson - CEO

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