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Community Events


YSB partners with Park and Rec programs - and returns to Summer Safety Camps!
Check out the links for programs in your area:

A Skoolie (or Schoolie) by definition is a school bus that is converted into a recreational vehicle.
Stop in for FREE ACTIVITIES AND FOOD for ALL kids this summer!

Locations include Woodbury, Newport, St. Paul Park and Cottage Grove!
Details at: SoWashCoCE/events

Keep the "Safe" in Summer, plus Apps to Help Young Drivers

By Shelby Bailey, YSB Diversion Specialist and Gina Johnson, YSB Chemical Health Prevention Specialist
Whether digging for your phone that fell between the seats, changing the radio station, or eating breakfast on your way to work, at some point in time, almost all of us have been guilty of distracted driving.
“Distracted driving” includes: anytime your mind and eyes are not on the road, and/or your hands are not on the wheel. 
Using your phone while driving requires all three - (mind, eyes and hands) and greatly increases the risk of a crash and injury.

According to TeenSafe, distracted driving is responsible for 58% of crashes involving teens. 
Here are ways YOU can encourage safer driving with fewer distractions:                    Read More                     
The Reason for Curfew
By: Shelby Bailey, YSB Diversion Specialist

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Local police departments report an increase in juvenile concerns after curfew hours.
If juveniles are out past curfew they are more likely to be committing crimes or being victims of crimes. Curfew is put into place to provide safety for the youth in our community and help prevent these situations.

Your individual township may have it’s own guidelines. You can check them here. Unless otherwise noted, your youth should be aware of the curfew times across Washington County:                        
                                                          Read More
Local Support
Check out:
for more info on:  
  • Parenting tips & tools  
  • Social Media
  • Bullying
  • Emotional Health
  • Chemical Health
  • Healthy Relationships
Better Choices. Brighter Futures.

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