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Helping youth and families learn the skills they need to be more successful at home, in school and throughout the community.
Better Choices. Brighter Futures.                                 June 2018
YSB Responds:
'13 Reasons Why' Season 2
By: Rochelle Kruszka, M.A., LMFT
YSB Youth & Family Therapist

On May 18th, this popular yet controversial series is returned to Netflix in its second season
The creators have stated that one of the main goals of the show is to “start a conversation” about difficult topics, including: suicide prevention, gun violence, bullying, and substance use.

Yet - episode after episode shows students being overwhelmed by circumstances in their lives and refusing to talk to parents, trusted adults, or authorities about it.
There are multiple events in the show that model for youth watching - that keeping secrets is “normal,” and it’s up to the youth to handle situations that come their way.

This is very harmful and counter-productive messaging.

READ MORE to find positive strategies to help your child navigate this challenging series.
Community Events


YSB partners with Park and Rec programs - and returns to Summer Safety Camps!
Check out the links for programs in your area:
No Kid Hungry
The entire community is welcome to learn more about #NoKidHungry833 and our upcoming summer initiatives to help end child hunger.

This event is a free family friendly, outdoors, and will include games and activities for all ages.
June 11th 5:00-7:00pm

A Skoolie (or Schoolie) by definition is a school bus that is converted into a recreational vehicle.
Stop in for FREE ACTIVITIES AND FOOD for ALL kids this summer!

Locations include Woodbury, Newport, St. Paul Park and Cottage Grove!
Details at: SoWashCoCE/events

A Substance Free Summer: tips for
helping your teens

Summertime and the end of school often bring excitement, freedom, sun, and adventure.
With freedom, often comes less adult

On an average summer day, about 11,000 youth will take their first drink of alcohol and 4,500 will smoke cigarettes for the first time.
While youth should be encouraged to have fun during school break, you can help them avoid the negative effects of substance use by providing them with education and tools to make positive decisions.          
                                                                                                    Read More
YSB's 2nd Annual Gala

Want to get involved? 
We love to talk about what we do and how you can help!
Gala Sponsors Support Brighter Futures!
Chemical Health Corner
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Many people believe that K2/”Spice” are safe and legal mood-altering substances, but they are in fact illegal and have hidden dangers.

"Synthetic cannabinoids are part of a group of drugs called new psychoactive substances (NPS). NPS are unregulated mind-altering substances that have become newly available on the market and are intended to produce the same effects as illegal drugs."

Please follow the link to for more information on these synthetic drugs.
                                                                                  Read More
Resources for Vulnerable Youth
Runaway and Homeless Youth Study
Article Image All community members are invited to St. Paul Lutheran Church on Monday, June 11th to learn of the findings from this local, 7 month study. 
Presentation and discussion participants include Streetworks Outreach, Sheriff Dan Starry, County Attorney Pete Orput and So Wash Co. Homeless School Liaison, Crystal Gentry.  Learn more
Crisis Text Line
Minnesota’s suicide prevention and mental health crisis texting services are now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People who text MN to 741741 will be connected to Crisis Text Line.

Homeless Youth App
Here’s the scenario: A youth has nowhere to sleep and is in search of a safe bed. They dial shelter after shelter to no avail. The next day it’s the same: call after call, using up precious phone minutes. What if there is an easier way to connect them to vital resources?
YSNMN (Youth Services Network – Minnesota), designed an app to connect youth directly to beds, outreach workers, meals, and other services such as drop-in centers, food shelves, and medical clinics.

The app gives real-time information on beds available and can be sorted for shelter sites nearest your location.

The app also helps outreach workers, street teams and youth advocates provide help to those in crisis right on the spot. This free app is available for download to Android or iPhones.
Local Support
Check out: for more info on:  
  • Parenting tips & tools  
  • Social Media
  • Bullying
  • Emotional Health
  • Chemical Health
  • Healthy Relationships


Seeking a Link to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Resources?

"Fast-Tracker" is a virtual community and health care connection resource.
Better Choices. Brighter Futures.

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