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Dear SAARA Friends,
The General Assembly adjourned on 2/24/19 but there is still work to do. After the short 46-day General Assembly session, bills went to the Governor. When presented with a bill, the Governor has three options: 1) approve and sign the bill; 2) recommend amendments; 3) veto the bill. The House and Senate will reconvene on 4/3/19 to address amendments and vetos. I am pleased to say the following SAARA of Virginia supported bills have been signed by the Governor:  
HB1664 / SB1181: Out of state conviction of drug offenses; petition for restricted driver license.
HB1771: Juvenile Community Crime Control Act; prevention of juvenile crime prior to intake.
HB1878: Naloxone; possession and administration by regional jail employees.
HB1881: Public schools; instruction on the hazards of nicotine vapor products.
HB2045: Recovery Residences: Certification by DBHDS.
HB2158: Naloxone; expands list of individuals who may dispense.
HB2318: Naloxone; possession and administration by school nurses and local health departments.
HB2558: Medicaid recipients; treatment involving opioids or opioid replacements; payments.
HB2563: Drug paraphernalia and controlled paraphernalia; fentanyl testing products.
HB2748 / SB1727: Tobacco products and nicotine vapor products; purchase, possession, and sale.
SB1295: Public schools; tobacco products and nicotine vapor products.
SB1349: Overdose; safe reporting.
Thanks for all you do in support of Substance Use Disorder and Advocacy! Be on the lookout for additional SAARA Advocacy Alerts as updates unfold.
Kathy Harkey
Executive Director
The Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery Alliance (SAARA) of Virginia is a grassroots advocacy organization that maximizes the power of the people to advocate for treatment and promote recovery to prevent the harmful affects of Substance Use Disorder and Addiction on individuals, families, businesses, and the community.

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