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Hello SAARA Friends!
We have passed the midpoint of the 2019 session at the General Assembly. This means that happenings here have been fast-paced. You will notice on the updated bill chart, that we have won some, lost some, and some bills are highlighted red or yellow. Yellow means that the bill still has a chance but has been “passed by indefinitely,” which allows the committee to reconsider the bill at a later time. If the committee doesn’t take any further action, the bill is dead.
Red means consideration of the bill has been suspended or “laid on the table.” These bills are held in committee. If someone on the committee that made a motion for laying on the table, makes a motion to reconsider and there is a second to the motion, then a vote can be taken. Although there is a slight possibility this could happen, after speaking with aides, legislators, and other advocates, I feel the odds are slim to none so the bills are highlighted in red. If there is a change and a ‘reconsideration’ vote is held, SAARA will send an Advocacy Alert.   
SB1129, HB1771, and HB1878 are still active bills and fully supported by SAARA. Please contact your legislators to support these bills. To learn more, please click here for SAARA’s latest bill chart.
Thanks for all you do to support SAARA and Recovery!
Together, we can create positive change!
Kathy Harkey
Executive Director    
The Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery Alliance (SAARA) of Virginia is a grassroots advocacy organization that maximizes the power of the people to advocate for treatment and promote recovery to prevent the harmful affects of Substance Use Disorder and Addiction on individuals, families, businesses, and the community.

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