September 6, 2019
PASTOR'S PEN                                                                Fr. Gary Wright, SJ

We celebrated our third annual Jazz Mass last Sunday.  Despite the rain that morning, we had a great turnout, conservatively counted at about 370. Our hope is that prayerful celebrations like this one, or the upcoming Blessing of Sneakers (Oct 19) for the Detroit marathon, raise up for the public a spiritual message in connection with a major civic event and glorify God – that is, make God’s goodness better known perhaps even among some who might not ordinarily be in church.  AMDG!  Many thanks to those who helped make it possible, especially our Director of Music, Julie Ford, those who helped advertise in so many different media, and our Hospitality crew for the reception after.

The Jazz Mass on the Labor Day weekend is a sure sign that the seasons are turning.  As young people return to school, so too the autumn opens up many spiritual education options.  I mention these not only to alert you to them, but also to invite you to ponder and pray about the state of your own spiritual development, and what participation might be good for you at this time.  Our parish can be strong and helpful to our neighbors only insofar as we ourselves grow strong and deep in the Spirit.

In my last column I called for volunteers for a children’s program known as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  We are blessed that many responded; four parishioners will begin the year-long training tomorrow, Sept. 7.  This is a great spiritual growth opportunity for them, which will later support the spiritual growth of our children.  On the following day our young adult leadership development program in Ignatian spirituality (“Contemplative Leaders in Action”) will resume after its summer hiatus; 15 young adults, including 8 parishioners, are enrolled.  Our sessions for adults preparing for baptism or confirmation, or just learning more about Catholicism, are also beginning.  If you know anyone who might be interested, contact me right away.

The programs just mentioned serve particular groups.  There are offerings for all the rest of us as well.  At the end of this month, we’ll launch an “Advocacy Sunday” (see Mara’s article below), an opportunity for us all to become more informed about – and engaged with – social justice issues in light of our Catholic faith.  Such engagement is to be a distinguishing mark of all Jesuit parishes.  In October we’ll begin our fall 5-week Scripture Study on Matthew’s Gospel, which will be read in our Sunday liturgies throughout 2020.  And there will be several major Jesuit speakers in town: plan now for Sept. 19 (described below), and save the date for Nov. 6 (details later). On Sept. 15, in line with the US Bishops’ “Catechetical Sunday,” we’ll pray with gratitude for God’s blessing on the efforts of all those who help form us and our children both in knowledge and in virtue.

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