November 1, 2019
Pastor's Pen                                                                        Fr. Gary Wright, SJ

The Church celebrates “All Saints” today, and “All Souls” tomorrow, inaugurating November as a month of remembering those who have gone before us in the faith.  All human beings face the spiritual task of coming to terms with the mystery of death, with our own mortality, and these holy days in November help us in that spiritual work: at this Sunday’s masses, we will especially remember parishioners and their loved ones who have died in the past year, giving all of us an opportunity to remember the life and the passing of our own relatives and friends.  As Christians, we can look at death through the lens and light of the Resurrection of Jesus in which we all hope to share; we can move through grief and loss to live in a transcendent Hope.  Today’s feast of All Saints turns our attention to the holiness and loving service that mark the lives of all those who live as followers of Jesus Christ.  All this ritual can lead us to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our own lives – the call to holiness, to be saints, that we share with those who have gone before us.  They inspire us to take up the Cross and live lives of compassion and service in our own time and place.  

Some news bits.  Earlier this month I attended the annual meeting of the pastors of the Jesuit parishes in the Midwest region, where we undertook a deeper consideration of the Jesuit order’s four Universal Apostolic Preferences that are to guide all Jesuit ministries for years to come.  You’ll hear more about these Preferences in the months ahead.  On October 19 we celebrated our second annual Blessing of the Sneakers for the marathon runners, with a good increase in attendance.  A big thanks to parishioner Sue DiCosmo who single-handedly promoted this event and gained us some great exposure in local media.  As part of our planning process, on next Sunday, November 10, I will host a focus group for parishioners of color to consider how we can promote greater diversity in our congregation.  On January 12 (save the date!) we will have another focus group for young couples and families to understand better their needs and desires.

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