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November 27, 2019
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IRBS Theological Seminary Students Give Thanks!
Please Pray...
Please pray for these men and their fellow students. And thank you for being the Lord's instruments to assist our labors for Christ's glory.
Giving Tuesday
December is a month in which many people make charitable gifts to non-profit organizations such as IRBS Theological Seminary. Since 2012, the first Tuesday of December has been promoted around the world as Giving Tuesday, a day for generous donors to support the causes they hold dear. We are joining this movement, asking our friends to consider a thoughtful gift to help achieve our goals. On December 3, 2019, would you consider making a contribution to IRBS Theological Seminary so that we may be able to further prepare men to serve you and your family?
On behalf of the Seminary, let me thank you for your generous contributions in the past year. It has helped us continue to build on a sure foundation. Will you join me in praying as Giving Tuesday approaches, that God will open the hearts of his people to join IRBS with financial support? And would you also prayerfully consider how you might personally participate in the coming years?
1 Thessalonians 5:18
"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
As Thanksgiving Day approaches, it seemed good to us to let some of our students express their thanks for what the Lord is doing through your prayers and support. Please join us in thankfulness, and be encouraged, about what the Lord is doing in these men through their time at IRBS Theological Seminary.
Vishal Reddy
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The instruction at IRBS that I have received thus far has been nothing short of transformative. I am thankful that the professors go out of their way to provide a valuable curriculum and give us close access to them personally. The academic rigor is  very purposeful in preparing us men for the work of the ministry. I am constantly challenged to consider our Triune God in deeper ways that I haven't yet pondered. Additionally, along the way, I see the knowledge gaps being filled time and time again. I am thankful for the privilege of being permitted to sit under this instruction.
Salvatore Pezzino
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The apostle Paul tells us, “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. 5:18). On this side of glory, there are times where our faithfulness to this command is difficult. Other times, our thankfulness comes more easily. When I consider my time at IRBS Theological Seminary, and particularly the faculty under which I am privileged to study, thankfulness and joy fill my heart and mind. The professors at IRBS Theological Seminary are not only my educators, but have become my mentors. They are not only tremendous scholars, but they are faithful and godly men. One thing I am particularly thankful for is that all of these men are serving and laboring in the local church as pastors or teachers. The quality of their scholarship collectively is, in my opinion, second to none. But, what really sets this faculty apart in my mind is their faithfulness in serving Christ in his church. Their commitment and love for Christ and his church is demonstrated by their sacrificial use of their gifts and time for the strengthening and expansion of his kingdom on earth. I am thankful for the privilege and blessing it is to learn from these men, and pray that one day I may imitate them as they imitate Christ in loving and serving his bride.
David Bane
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I am deeply grateful for a gracious sponsorship which enabled me to enroll last year in the Certificate of Reformed Baptist Studies Program at IRBS Theological Seminary. The instruction I have received has richly benefited my pastoral ministry and as a result, our church life has been enriched. Thank you to those who graciously invest in us through financial aid. The Lord through your giving has supplied our need, and we pray that much fruit may abound to your account both now and in the years to come (Phil. 4:17).
Price Jones
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I am thankful for what God has done in providentially working to bring IRBSTS into a working reality for the aid and benefit of the churches of Jesus Christ. The instructors are the best the Reformed Baptist world has to offer. The instruction is solid, biblically based and confessional, rooted in the tradition of our forefathers in the faith, yet with an eye to contemporary academic conversation, so that the teaching is applicable and fresh. The school offers a number of flexible programs for students, making the seminary experience feasible for those who are far or near, able to dedicate part time or full time. I am especially thankful for the staff, who work diligently to serve the students, organize websites, raise money, schedule semesters, and who in general seek to bring glory to God in the every day operation of the school. Please join me and the other students in giving praise and glory to our Father God. In his goodness and grace he has given us such an opportunity as this: a Confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary in our own time. A school dedicated to equipping and training men for the ministry of the gospel of his Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our Savior continues to reign through the Spirit accompanied preaching of his Word in local churches, bringing sinners to the Father in faith and repentance. All thanks and praise and honor be to him forever and ever.

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