July 2020 Newsletter
Our Mission: Promote healthy life decisions through family education and community partnerships.
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Board Emerita
“What I enjoyed most about the virtual program was the dialogue that was presented to make sure kids understood what was going on. It was still an interactive program. I was still able to have open communication with my child.” 
-a statement from a parent participant who attended Growing Up Knowing’s virtual My Body My Boundaries program for Stewpot Community Services.
Growing Up Knowing's Virtual Programming is LIVE 
Growing Up Knowing started the month on a high note by implementing our first virtual My Body My Boundaries Elementary program! We are so excited to offer both My Body My Boundaries programs in a virtual format to our community partners! Although our programs are not in person, we still are providing interactive and educational programs for Mississippi families.
Currently, we are working on the virtual The Tween Talk: Comprehensive Sex Education program. Our goal is to reach all families with children from the ages of 3-14. We also have more information about our Spanish curriculum in the Coming Soon section.
Our facilitators are the reason we able to complete our mission. We had an excellent virtual Facilitator Training in June that was led by our two facilitators spotlight, Keyana Hawthorne and Monique Mapp. Both women worked hard to create a fun, engaging program to help our facilitator cohort lead virtual programs. They also transformed our curriculum into a virtual format so facilitators can implement programs with ease and efficiency. Keyana and Monique are dedicated to excellence and fostering communication with families. All of our facilitators are dedicated to Growing Up Knowing’s goal of working towards a better future for Mississippi families!
Even in these uncertain times, fundraising continues and your gift to Growing Up Knowing can make a difference! This is a critical time to donate. We want to continue our virtual programming. Every donation helps whether it is big or small. We want to meet the needs of our community. Therefore, be sure to see the Giving Section at the bottom of this newsletter, and contribute if you are able. The children we serve have never been more vulnerable, and it is our goal to find new ways to reach them and continue teaching empowerment and personal safety.

Coming Soon: Virtual Spanish Programs 
Growing Up Knowing is excited to announce virtual programming in Spanish! We will begin implementing the My Body My Boundaries Elementary program soon. Growing Up Knowing hopes to continue reaching all Mississippi families during this time. Please call at 601-589-0275 for more information or to schedule a Spanish virtual program!
Facilitators Spotlight: Keyana Hawthrone and Monique Mapp

Keyana E. Hawthorne is a native of Milwaukee, WI. She has been with Growing Up Knowing since its inception. She has assisted with the development and adaptations of the organization’s curriculums, she facilitates all programs, and serves as the organizations lead facilitator trainer. Keyana holds a degree in Business Administration, and for the past seven years she has used it to serve as the Executive Director of Poindexter Park After School Club, a youth enrichment program based in Jackson MS, and as an educator for the Jackson Public School System. Keyana is a published author, singer/entertainer, artist, theater/performance coach, National AmeriCorps volunteer, and youth advocate. She is a woman who loves to empower and inspire the world around her. Keyana believes in Growing Up Knowing and has dedicated herself to the organizations mission with passion and dedication
Monique Mapp has been a facilitator and trainer with Growing Up Knowing since its inception. She believes in the mission of the program and strives to make every session as fun and informative as possible. Monique has facilitated every level of the program but favors the Tween Talk curriculum the most. She believes that her experience with older children helps her to make connections with the participants and dig deeper into the topics. Monique also enjoys working with parents to foster skills of communication and training GUK facilitators to become more engaging and involved.
Outside of GUK, Monique is an instructional assistant at Sykes Elementary School and an assistant director of Poindexter Park After School Program. She has over 15 years of experience in managing youth serving organizations.
She also has an Associate of Arts in business and finance management. She is currently in school pursuing her Bachelors of Arts in business with a 2021 completion date.
In her spare time, she finds enjoyment in painting, reading, writing and spending time with her blended family (5 children, 3 grandchildren, and 2 puppies). Monique is currently working on her first children’s book with hopes of releasing it in 2021
You Can Help! 
With a generous gift today, YOU can support Growing Up Knowing’s virtual My Body, My Boundaries programs and The 'Tween Talk. Your tax-deductible gift of any size will directly help Mississippi children and families grow up knowing how to make healthier life decisions.
YOU can help cultivate a culture of consent for families in your community. Do you know of a school, community, afterschool, or faith organization who would like to partner with us at no financial cost to implement one of our three signature programs (My Body, My Boundaries for Early Childhood FamiliesMy Body, My Boundaries for Elementary School Families, and The 'Tween Talk: Comprehensive Sex Education for Middle School Families)? You can refer them to us by clicking here.

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