Upcoming Volunteer Work Day
Garden Site
On January 19th, from 8:00-4:30 PM McIntire Botanical Garden will be hosting a Volunteer Work Day at the garden site. Lead by a team from Bartlett Tree Experts, volunteers will work to remove invasive plant species and create initial walking trails within the garden.
This early winter work will enable McIntire Botanical Garden to host more bird, butterfly, and plant identification walks on the site before the botanical garden is built. This event is also a great way to sharpen your invasive species identification skills as well as meeting other community partners. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.
  1. Already a volunteer? Simply login to your volunteer account, go to the MySchedule tab and select the Jan. 19th event.
  2. Not yet a volunteer? Please fill out our Volunteer Application. Once you are registered as a MBG volunteer, go to the MySchedule tab and select the Jan. 19th event to sign up for this specific volunteer time slot.
When: January 19th, moderate rain will be tolerated and work will continue (Hideous Weather Date: Jan. 26th)
Time: 8:00-4:30 PM
Where: McIntire Botanical Garden site (Corner of John Warner Parkway and Melbourne Road)
Parking: Along Melbourne Road and
overflow in Charlottesville High School parking lot
What to Bring: Sturdy boots, work gloves, safety glasses, ear protection encouraged, loppers (for vine cutting), dress for the weather
Who: Anyone 18 years or older is welcome
Goodyera Pubescens (Downy Rattlesnake)
Goodyera pubescens (Downy Rattlesnake) Credit:
Betty Truax, Jefferson Chapter, VNPS
"He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter...
In winter the stars seem to have rekindled their fires, the moon achieves a fuller triumph, and the heavens wear a look of more exalted simplicity."
- John Burroughs
Celastrus orbiculatus (Oriental bittersweet) -- one of the invasives we will be tackling at the garden site.
MBG 2018 Statistics
Great Backyard Bird Count Friday, Feb. 16th Through Monday, Feb. 19th
Bird Blind Schematic Image
This February, McIntire Botanical Garden is encouraging the public to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count. This four-day event began in 1998 as a way to collect data on wild bird species. The data gathered from the count is useful in understanding how changing environments can affect bird population and behavior. 
Charlottesville and the Piedmont Region in general has a large and supportive birding community. For the purpose of continuing events like this and adding to the birding community, McIntire Botanical Garden has a beautiful bird blind planned in our schematic design images which you can view on our website. The garden will be a wonderful site where anyone can learn about native plants and wildlife without any admission cost. 
Yellow-Rumped Warbler
For more information on why counting birds is helpful and how to get ready for this year's count, please visit the Great Backyard Bird Count's website here
Yellow-rumped Warbler. Credit: Eve Gaige, Monticello Bird Club.

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