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Sometimes simple things make such a difference    
The GSP Young Women's program has proved an outstanding success in enabling young women in our Kenyan schools to attend school consistently. What do I mean? Well many young women on reaching puberty, miss a week of school every month because of their menstrual cycle. Our program of education, mentoring and providing reusable sanitary pads and washing soap has evidence to show its effectiveness in:
  • Enabling the young women to attend school all the time
  • Enhancing understanding about menstruation
  • Supporting these young women when they face challenges or societal prressure because of their periods
The photo above shows students at Kerobe JoyBright Academy receiving their initial education and information session, with the booklet they each receive.
"The students are so interested in learning about this subject as they normally do not have much opportunity at school or home " says Lonah Maiko GSP WBO.
We do need funding to continue this program in 2018 and to expand it to all 21 schools.
$14,000 would enable us to provide this program to all 400 girls in our schools - $35/girl/year
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Desks for Kerobe Joybright
Students were having to sit on the floor to write, or share a desk with 3 or 4 others, until a generous parent at one of our Australian partner schools provided some funds for new desks.
"The students were so happy!" says Sammy Barongo, School Director
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Books for St George's Academy
St George's Academy has a growing Early Childhood Centre and the education resources were insufficient. Now thanks to partner school St John the Apostle, ACT they have a wonderful facility, books and other education resources.
"The children can now get the best start to their education" says Dr Misati, School Director
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 GSP WBOs at work treating toilets
GSP Well Being Officers (WBO), Lonah and Moses visit all schols every month to oversee the treating of toilets, treatment of drinking water, check-in with sponsored students, provide the travelling library resources and meeting with School Directors regarding projects past, present and future.
"This program is seeing us achieve fantastic reductions in absenteeism due to illness because the toilets are more sanitary and the drinking water is germ free" says Simon Carroll, GSP CEO.
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Toilets for St Gavin's Academy
The children at St Gavin's were having to queue for ages to use the single toilets available for boys and girls. Now the school has a new toilet block making the queues much shorter and the conditions far more sanitary.
"Such an improvement for our students and the school" says Erickanah Manyura, School Director
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Kale for the orphans at Safehaven
Food is always on Steve and Margy's mind - that is, where to get enough food and how to pay for it, for the 37 children in their care. Thanks to Murray Bridge High School, SA they have planted kale on a small plot of land and a fabulous crop is growing.
"It is great to be able to provide daily greens for the children" says Steve, Safehaven Director.
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New toilets for Mwamba Mixed Academy
The first thing that struck you when visiting Mwamba was a small 3 cubicle toilet block in the middle of the campus, and the long queue of children waiting to use the toilets. Now with a new toilet block the queues have gone, the school's central playground seems bigger as there isn't the old toilet block in the middle.
"It has been a great thing for pupils and staff" says Peter Arasa, School Director.
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Water for Alimo Academy
Alimo Academy has grown so quickly that water supplies were inadequate for the student population. These 4 water tanks, 5,000 litres each, has solved that problem.
"The students in the junior section now have access to water for their needs" says Alice Mokeira, School Director

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Water for Tabaka Academy
The boarders at Tabaka Academy had to walk a long way at night to access water. Now they have a new tank close by which is making such a difference. 
"We are so happy that students, especially the girls, do not have to walk so far at night to get water" says Mogendi Tamaro, School Director.
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Tabaka's new classrooms need windows and doors
Tabaka Academy is building new classrooms to accommodate their growing school population. These one are structurally finished but need windows and doors to be ready for first term 2018.
If you are willing to help please contact Simon Carroll.

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