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Summer 2015
Serving the those in need with unconditional love & respect.
Sponsorship is a gift of LOVE!
One of the greatest joys is watching our children when they receive gifts from their sponsors. They look at the photos you send; they ask about your children; they want to know who you are. They love the gifts, but they treasure your photographs. They want to see the person who prays for them and pays for their school and so they can eat. Then, after they have looked through their gifts and asked their questions, they bow their heads to pray. Praying with these children is a blessing. They close their little eyes and just receive the prayers spoken over them. It is a time of happiness as they know they are special and they are loved.
Thank you to everyone who sponsors a child or elderly person in our school or feeding program. You support is what makes Love Feeds OUR World possible. We appreciate you, and our children, elderly and their families appreciate you.
It's All About LOVE!
Article ImageThis June our team held our first ever Vacation Bible School for the children of Macomb and the surrounding villages. Our theme was the love of God. You see most Haitian children grow up thinking that Voodoo is normal. They think that if their parents burn them in witchcraft ceremonies or sell them as slaves, it's just part of life and they must just accept it. Most Haitian children don't understand what real love looks like. They don't understand that they have a God who loves them unconditionally. Our goal in this VBS was to show real love. It was to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through, food, laughter and fun; it was to teach them who God is and that He loves them and sent His Son to give them life.
Education = LOVE!
Article ImageOne of the most difficult things about working with those living in poverty is the poverty mindset. Haitian people don't always see the long-term value in education. This isn't true of most Haitian parents; in fact, the need for education is one of the main reasons parents sell their children into slavery. They think that as slaves their children will have the opportunity to go to school, and some times this is true. However, at Love Feeds OUR World, our goal is to keep families together. We do everything in our power to end child slavery, and one way we do this is through offering families free, Christ-centered education with a rigorous curriculum, hot meals and medical care. That's why it was so disheartening when  just a few weeks ago, we offered a father free education for his sons, and he turned us down saying his children didn't need to go to school, and no matter how we tried to convince him, he  refused. Education equals hope, freedom and love. It gives children the opportunity to have better lives than their parents; it is the chance to rise above their circumstances and become the men and women God call them to be. Our children have dreams: Merly wants to be a pilot; Houssin wants to be an engineer; Betchida wants to be a pastor; Emanuella wants to be a nurse... and the list goes on and on. Our children have dreams, and it is through education that they will achieve those dreams.
Jean Home Underway 
Article ImageTwo years ago we met the Jean family: Nadia, Ronaldson, Rosemicka and Kervens with their parents (Jory...the youngest, was born in 2014). They were and continue to this day to be a slave family. In exchange for their servitude they are allowed to live in this one room shack. Just today we purchased the land their first real home. Once they have a place to live, they will no longer be forced to live as slaves and will be able to plant their own gardens, sell their own food and make a living for their family. Our next step is to build their home. To partner with us, click the donate button (left) and in the comment box type, "Jean Home". Together we can end slavery one family at a time. 
Medical Professional Needed
Medical care is a huge need in Macomb as it is all over Haiti, especially in the rural communities. We are looking for doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists or anyone with medical or dental training to help out with our twice yearly medical clinics. These clinics include wellness checkups for all the children, elderly and staff and free medical care for the community. If you are interested in joining a medical team, please contact Laurie Haag at
Our next medical team will be in February of 2016.

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