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Fall 2016
Transforming lives, one by one, through long-term, community driven solutions in healthcare, education and community development. 
Dear Friends of CCH:
Many of you have been following the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew on our beloved Haiti. This newsletter would not be complete without addressing the critical needs and priority actions that CCH is taking to provide aid and encouragement as communities recover and rebuild. Yet, we also want to tell you about the work that continues, day in and day out, through CCH's regular programming. It's been busy since our last newsletter!
So sit back, grab your coffee and take a read! Never hesitate to reach out to us with questions, ideas or other information. We love hearing from you!

We Believe 
An Update from CCH's Executive Director on Hurricane Matthew Response
As Hurricane Matthew approached Haiti, we kept telling ourselves it would weaken, that it would veer off its expected course. Surely, all would be fine. 
We prepared for the worst, all the while assuring ourselves that the worst rarely happens. As faithful supporters called and emailed, expressing their concerns, sharing their prayers and asking what we were doing to prepare, we confidently explained our Shelter in Place protocols, gave thanks for our ability to stock up on food, water and fuel and assured them that US and Haiti leadership were in close communication with each other and all of staff. 
All would be fine.
But on October 4th, every ounce of Matthew’s Category 4 fury came ashore in Haiti. He was slow, and he was fierce. He wreaked havoc on the small, impoverished island nation that we love ...
Read the full update from Clark HERE.

Serving through Surgery 
A Full Week for CCH's Expanded Jim Wilmot Surgical Center
CCH Medical Director and Co-Chair Dr. Wayne Reichman led a large and diverse healthcare team to Haiti in October 2016. Serving on the team were two OB/GYNs, two plastic surgeons, one vascular surgeon, three anesthesiologists, two primary care physicians and six RNs. In addition, two key members of the team, Larry Walker and Audrey Sandhusen, arrived several days early to train CCH staff and prepare the operating rooms. 
The Oct2016 Plastic Surgery Team (L-R): Dr. Sallie McLellan (Anesthesia), Dr. Rob Sigal (Plastics), Nazaire Leveille (Translator), Dr. Chris Knotts (Plastics), Leandry Louis (Haitian OR Scrub Nurse). 
The team ran all three ORs simultaneously at the Jim Wilmot Surgical Center from 7:30 am until nearly 9:00pm each day while also providing consults to more than 100 patients in the Primary Care Clinic. Their schedule included 75 major medical and surgical cases that provided Haitains in need with life-changing - and at times, life-saving - care that they could not otherwise access or afford.
None of this would have been possible without the generousity of volunteer team members and partner organizations that helped supply the October team's efforts. Special thanks to the following individuals: Larry Walker - Supply Logistics and CCH Medical Co-Chair; Audrey Sandhusen, RN - OR Nurse Training; Gill Abernathy - Pharmacy Advisor; Mike Boss - Anesthesia Advisor; George LaRocco, MD - Primary Care and St Clare's Liaison. 

Volunteer Reflections 
"Going to Haiti Changed How I See My Life"
We always ask for reflections from our recent travelers, and we're excited to share this thoughtful response from Shayla F. - one of our youngest volunteers ever! Shayla's family traveled to Haiti with CCH in July. 
Article Image
"...Going to Haiti changed how I see life. In the USA, shopping for clothes is something we often do for fun, but in Haiti shopping is only about fulfilling basic needs.  I've seen lots of natural disasters on the television news, but this time with Hurricane Matthew I could really imagine the damage the winds and rain did to the people and their homes."
... "I can't wait to go back to Haiti and help as many people as I can. It is a beautiful country with beautiful and smart people, but they need help from everyone who can give it.  They deserve a better life and if we can help, why shouldn't we? We just need to help them with food, education, healthcare and training and then they will be able to help each other." ...
Read Shayla's complete essay HERE.
"Dumping Our Plans and Making a Way for His"
Article Image
A Category 4 hurricane can't keep the CCH Education Team down! Even when the group was forced to shelter in place at Isaiah House for three days and Haitian schools closed for an entire week of their two-week trip, God used the team in amazing ways. 
As the sun came out and roads were being cleared, the team invited partner educators for informal gatherings at Isaiah. Principals from 5 partner schools in Jacmel gathered for a full day of laughter-filled learning and problem-solving together. A total of 17 teachers arrived the following day for seminar and fellowship! The team returned to the schools during Week 2 to model lessons and provide one-on-one mentorship. 
An invaluable part of the experience was the countless hours spent in reflective conversations with three new team members from Evergreen Church in Minnesota. A long-time partner of CCH, Evergreen Church would like to build an education team in Minnesota to serve the only school in Chabin, a mountain village located approximately 45 minutes outside of Jacmel. CCH and Evergreen are coming together to learn from CCH's successes, failures and lessons learned over the years and prepare a unique plan for the Chabin School. This collaboration will also serve as a guideline for CCH's support of other teams who are also interested to replicate our model for teacher development and school partnership.
Tammy Sova, a member of Evergreen Church and the Oct2016 CCH Education Team, summarizes the trip beautifully with these thoughts: 
"Every time I've gone to Haiti,
the best laid plans have always gotten tipped upside down.
This week was no exception...and I'm grateful for it.
God has always done His best work in dumping our plans
and making a way for His."
The Oct2016 Hurricane-Proof CCH Education Team (L-R): Tammy Sova, Terri Thompson, Wood Parker. Emmy Parker, Mary Hall and Mel Bolduc

Story of Impact  
The La Fond Women's Association 
Meet Ediline, Jacqueline and Hosana. Just three of the 100 members of the La Fond Women's Association. They work together through action and service to tackle a wide range of community issues including parenting and mentorship, sexual violence, literacy, erosion and deforestation and rebuilding economic opportunity through agriculture.
CCH began its partnership with this exceptional group just last summer, when leaders reached out to CCH about our livestock training program. Madame Vianie Francois, president of the Women's Association wanted to start a livestock program with CCH because she hopes to "bring independence to the people." Goats and turkeys give her members the opportunity to generate savings to pay for the education of their children and to serve as insurance in case of an emergency.
Vianie says that the partnership with CCH is already attracting more members to her organization.  She says that CCH caught their attention because CCH invests in teaching the women about their animals and how to care for them.  She knows that CCH is an organization that will stay in La Fond as long as needed.
Read CCH Intern Kylie Grow's complete story about CCH's partnership with the La Fond Women's Association HERE.

We can't say enough about the integrity and resourcefulness of the La Fond Womens' Association. Regrettably, members of the community (which is located across the river from Jacmel and at the foot of steep and sandy cliffs) lost many goats and turkeys during Hurricane Matthew. CCH is working with Vianie and La Fond to replace what was lost and overcome this setback.
In this Issue
In-Kind Donations 
Save Lives
This is what 1,000 water purification tablets looks like - just one of the many critically important donations of in-kind materials and supplies that CCH has received to support its ongoing response in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.
In the first three weeks following the storm, the value of medicines and consumable medical supplies received by CCH exceeded $147,000 USD.
Please help us extend special thanks to these organizations for their tremendous support via in-kind donations during this trying time:
INOVA Fairfax Hospital;
Brother's Brother Foundation;
University of Maryland - St Joseph Medical Center;
MST & Associates;
Ethicon Corporation;
Abbott Corporation;
St. Clare's Medical Outreach of Baltimore; D&J Medical
CCH Wish List 
Our urgent needs include:
-     Water purification tablets 
-     A safe, reliable & affordable
      way to ship to Haiti
-     Dentists for schools & Clinic
-     Opthomalogists/Optometrists
-     Infectious Disease specialists
-     Your continued prayers    
      for our staff, our partners
      and our ministry together
-     Ongoing support as we
      continue to stretch our
      people, programs & finances
      for hurricane response
Meet Dr Francois
When CCH began discussing the possibility of opening Primary Care & PT/Rehab Clinics in Jacmel following the 2010 earthquake, Dr. Jean Fenel Francois was at the table. Dr. Francois worked alongside CCH volunteers in the immediate aftermath of the quake, providing quality patient care as well as invaluable insight into the community, priority needs and effective ways to serve. Because of other professional duties, Dr. Francois turned down CCH's invitation to direct its new clinic in Jacmel. But on that day, he committed to doing all that he could to help CCH succeed.
Dr. Francois is a man of his word. An ER doctor at the public St Michel Hospital and recently named as the facility's new Head of Ultrasonography, Dr. Francois has been volunteering at the CCH Primary Care and Surgical Clinics in his free time for nearly six years. He is a tremendous advocate for the clinic's services through his personal testimony as well as the weekly radio show that he hosts. Dr. Francois also co-leads and played an integral role in designing CCH's Child & Community Wellness initiave. 
In September 2016, we were delighted to officially welcome him to CCH as our third (part-time) Physician. But let's be clear - this kind, hard-working and devoted soul has been a member of our family since we first met him years ago. Now we get to serve with him even more! Bienveni Dr. Francois!!
Upcoming Trips
Did you know that while many of us turn our attention to holiday preparations, CCH volunteers continue to serve in Haiti? Between now and the end of January, CCH will send the following teams to serve in southern Haiti:
Pediatric Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery (2 Teams)
Physical & Occupational Therapy
OB/GYN Surgery & Care, together with an InterProfessaional Team of heatlthcare students and faculty from Shenandoah University
Jan 2017 CCH Education Team
If you have a heart to serve, we can help you find a way! Contact with questions about joining or forming a team!
Save the Date!
Tues, November 29th
 Giving Tuesday 2016
Sat, April 1st 2017
4th Annual CCH Benefit
Mon, May 22nd 2017
CCH's 5th Annual JIm Wilmot Memorial Golf Tournament
Thank you to
for already committing to be a
Sponsor for both 2017 events!
Contact for sponsorship opportunities.
A Unique Partnership 
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