´╗┐August 2016
Bats Beer & Bluegrass - Next Month 

Bats Beer & Bluegrass tickets are on sale now. This is SCCi's first concert fundraiser. Dinner packages are available with Tennessee's #1 Farm to Table restaurant 212 Market providing the catering. Craft beer from Big River Breweries will be for sale. Tickets are limited to 200 and half have been sold. Get yours before they sell out. 
Annual Georgia Conservancy Visit 
Georgia Conservancy made it 3rd annual visit to Howards Waterfall Cave earlier this month. Steve Davis was a great host for many first time cavers and Ray Knott shared SCCi's mission and the importance of conserving caves.
SCCi Board of Directors Election 
Congratulations to the recently elected/re-elected Directors of the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. Terms begin October 1, 2016.
Mark Whitmer (Newly Elected)
Jeff Martin (Re-elected)
Brian Krebs (Re-elected)
Patty Springer (Re-elected)
Improvements at Howards Waterfall 
The improvements to the parking area at Howards Waterfall Cave Preserve have been completed. As you can see from the pictures, more people can park and there is no drop off! Thank you to Steve Davis for managing this project. Improvements like this are possible through the generosity of SCCi's regular and sustaining members. 
You can help SCCi grow! 
Next month, SCCi will kick off 2K 2016. This is an effort to double SCCi's membership to 2000 members by the end of 2016. You can sign up and use cool social media tools to share SCCi's mission and recruit new members.
If each SCCi member recruits just 1 new member, we will meet our goal. Start thinking about the people in your circles. Are they cavers, outdoor enthusiasts or just people that believe in preserving great underground landscapes? 
Recruit 5 members and we will send you a SCCi t-shirt or hat. 
2016 Sewanee Mountain Cave Fest 
Looking for something to do this Labor Day weekend? Sewanee Cave Fest is being held September 2-5th. The Sewanee Mountain Grotto does a great job with this event and it's sure to be a good time. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1421893758065353/.
In This Edition
Volunteer Survey
When SCCi was small, knowing everyone's talents and interests was easy. Now with 1,000+ members, we need your help. Please take this brief volunteer skills and interest survey.
When an opportunity arises (and there are many), we can reach out to those people who have shown an interest in that specific area of volunteer work.
You Can't Take It With You
Did you know there is a way to support SCCi after you're gone? The Valhalla Society is made up of people just like you that have made SCCi a part of their estate planning.
It can be as simple as making SCCi a beneficiary for all or part of your insurance policy or including SCCi in your will. 
If you would like to talk about your options and ways you can support SCCi through legacy giving, please call Ray at 423 671 9671 Ex 101 or send an email to legacy@scci.org.
Grotto Talks
Would you like to have SCCi's Executive Director speak at your next grotto meeting? Send an email to marketing@scci.org and let's get you on the schedule!

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