´╗┐October 2016
Fox Mountain Fire  
Photo Sourece: GA Forestry Commission. Photographer: Julie Hailey Clark.
On October 4th, a wildfire started on Fox Mountain that would eventually encompass over 1,500 acres. Firefighters from two states battled the blaze for over two weeks before it was fully contained.
The Fox Mountain Preserve is open for visitation after being closed during the TAG Fall Cave-In at the request of the Georgia Forestry Commission.
SCCi's preserve wasn't greatly affected. Some areas are covered in ash and new roads have been cut that were used in the firefighting effort.
Campfire Ban 
Due to ongoing severe drought conditions across the Southeast, campfires are currently banned on all SCCi preserves. Please help us protect our land and that of our neighbors. The ban will be lifted when drought conditions change.
Appreciation For Jobs Well Done 
SCCi's Preserve Managers are unsung heroes of cave conservation. Day in and day out, they care for the caves we all treasure; answer questions, issue permits and are great ambassadors for SCCi. Without them, it would not be possible for SCCi to continue to grow and acquire new caves.
Next time you reach out to a preserve manager or visit an SCCi preserve, show your appreciation and say thank you. 
SCCi at the Alabama Nature Center 
We were honored to be invited to the Alabama Wildlife Federation for a presentation on cave conservation. It was a great night last Thursday talking about who we are and what we do to protect the precious underground landscapes of Alabama (and the Southeast).
If you are in the area of Millbrook AL, please visit the Alabama Nature Center. It is a beautiful facility and an asset to Alabama nature lovers.
Pictured with Ray Knott, SCCi Executive Director is Tyler Harris, Program Manager for the Alabama Nature Center.
Bid to Win/Win for SCCi 
Article Image
SCCi didn't hold its annual auction at the TAG Fall Cave-In this year. The lack of a bonfire (due to burn restrictions) caused many people to head inside for the night. However, SCCi received a number of great items from caver artists and we want to share them with you.
Watch your email and FaceBook with a link to an online auction for these one-of-a-kind items in the next two weeks.
This amazing bat themed stained glass piece was donated by Eugenia Johnston
Great gifts for the caver and art lover in your life!
39th TAG Fall Cave-In 
SCCi is grateful to the Dogwood City Grotto and Nancy Rodgers for their support in celebrating SCCi's 25th Anniversary at the TAG Fall Cave-In this year. We enjoyed seeing many of our members and welcome our new members. 
We also want to thank all the SCCi volunteers who work so hard in setting up and taking down our tent, serving beer and making everyone feel welcome.
Permitting SCCi Preserves 
More permitted preserves continue to come on the Online Permitting System. To check to see if the preserve you wish to visit is on the system, please visit www.scci.org/preserves. The table there can be sorted to meet your needs.
Reminder! Beginning January 1, 2017 all SCCi preserves will require permits. Permitting helps us address many issues including liability, visitation rates and outreach to non-member visitors. It is good for SCCi! Many of you have let us know how much you like the permitting system and how easy it is.
If you have questions or comments, you can send them to onlinepermits@scci.org
Supporting SCCi Made Easy 
Did you know that you can support SCCi every time you buy something? Using the Amazon link below, SCCi will get up to 5% of everything you buy. That is more money for acquisitions and stewardship of the great caves of the Southeast. Bookmark it and use it whenever you are shopping online.
In This Edition
Volunteer Survey
When SCCi was small, knowing everyone's talents and interests was easy. Now with 1,000+ members, we need your help. Please take this brief volunteer skills and interest survey.
When an opportunity arises (and there are many), we can reach out to those people who have shown an interest in that specific area of volunteer work.
You Can't Take It With You
Did you know there is a way to support SCCi after you're gone? The Valhalla Society is made up of people just like you that have made SCCi a part of their estate planning.
It can be as simple as making SCCi a beneficiary for all or part of your insurance policy or including SCCi in your will. 
If you would like to talk about your options and ways you can support SCCi through legacy giving, please call Ray at 423 671 9671 Ex 101 or send an email to legacy@scci.org.
Grotto Talks
Would you like to have SCCi's Executive Director speak at your next grotto meeting? Send an email to marketing@scci.org and let's get you on the schedule!

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