June, 2016
Dear Sherry:
The staff, board and neighbors we serve are floating on "cloud 9" this week as we - ourselves - have just witnessed an amazing transformation of our Ambassador House residence! This was all a part of our "Make This House a Home" campaign that several friends of The Harvest Center of Charlotte were a part. This collaborative effort turned one of our transitional houses into a place that allows our homeless neighbors to live in dignity, comfort and restorative love!  We moved seven formerly homeless neighbors into our Transformation Program this week; and they are already motivated to begin their new journey. There are several who we want to highlight for making this possibility a reality:
  • Jacqueline Wheeler Interiors (Jacqueline Wheeler & Faith Penney)
  • Joanne Gettleman
  • Tripp Wheeler
  • Marcy Gregg
  • Ann Tabor
  • Melissa Noll
  • Tonja Padgett
  • Ruben Ochoa
  • Carolinas Handling Company
  • Nadeau Furniture Company
  • Appliance Outlet Inc.
If you didn't have an opportunity to be a part of this exciting campaign, there's still time to donate financially to sow into the lives of our program participants and the impact THC will have on their lives.  Simply make your secure gift online at We appreciate your personal stewardship and gifts of love! 
Faithfully yours,
Executive Director
"Make This House a Home" Campaign 
New Group of Homeless Neighbors Moved in This Week
When Jacqueline Wheeler and Faith Penney heard the need about THC's "Make This House a Home" Campaign, they jumped in with all of their creative expertise, time and resources to magically transform the Ambassador House. "We took this project on with only 3 days to completely overhaul this home before the guys moved in. We knew we wanted to make it a happy space for them, so the dark color had to go.  Thanks to a few friends, we painted the entire interior of the home in ONE DAY. Then we spent the next two days shopping and installing. The white walls and bright decor totally transformed this in to a home these gentleman can be proud to begin their new lives in," says Jacqueline Wheeler of Jacqueline Wheeler Interiors. The home transformation began a few weeks ago, when the THC staff made repairs and did some deep cleaning of the residence.  Board member, Clark Neilson, was a part of the dedication and house blessing before the new residents moved in on Tuesday of this week.
    Ambassador House Den before  House blessing
Den after upfit
Your $$Donation Counts  
THC Values Christ-minded Individuals Who Desire Community Impact
The summer months is when giving to local charities is lowest, yet these are the months when demands for our services increase - due to the weather and the increased burden low income families experience when their children are out of school.  Our prayer and hope is that Christ-minded donors will rise to the challenge and help us fill this resource gap - allowing us to continue thriving during the lean months of the summer. The Harvest Center of Charlotte's faith-centered approach to social problems also limits our ability to access that are provided through local foundations and charities. Here's how YOU can help:
$70 = a day             The cost
$490 = a week         to provide food
$2,100 = a month    housing, clothing, life skills
$12,600 = 6 months education, counseling, and job readiness training.
Donate here: 
MARK YOUR CALENDAR: "Love Thy Neighbor" 2016
This Year's Theme - "COME TO THE TABLE"
The Harvest Center's annual fundraiser luncheon will be held at Myers Park United Methodist Church on Thursday, October 27th from 11:30 am - 1 pm.  For sponsorship opportunities, contact Sherry Waters - Development Director - at (704) 335-1616 ext. 103 or

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