April 2016
Happy Spring everyone!
Enjoy the updates!  We appreciate your interest and thank you, as always, for your support.
Carla Ahern
Director of Communications, Stewardship and Education
Vegetation Removal Along Dykes
You may have noticed some shrub and tree removal at the CVWMA... 
Many of the dykes are receiving some long overdue maintenance.  Shrubs and small trees that have grown up along the side slopes of the dykes are being cut back.  This is being down to maintain the integrity of the dyke and to stop the ingrowth of vegetation on the dykes themselves.  A side bonus is that it allows for better visibility when walking on the dykes - easier to see a bear or moose along the edges of the dykes (no one wants to accidentally sneak up on one of these!)
We know it may not look that pretty but it is a needed maintenance measure that has unfortunately been neglected over the years but is now being remedied.
The two pictures show the dyke slopes being cut in March (top) and what it looks like today when finished (bottom).
Duck Lake Dyke Open to Vehicle Traffic
Article Image
Duck Lake cross dyke off Channel Rd is now open to vehicle traffic.
Why do we have to temporarily close the dyke to vehicle traffic?  To limit the negative impacts that vehicles can have on the dyke surface when road and weather conditions are bad, a temporary road closure is instated.  Bad conditions could be: when the frozen ground melts and/or when heavy amounts of precipitation falls - the surface of the dyke becomes soft and muddy and these conditions could warrant a temporary closure to vehicles.
We do not close the dyke for any particular user groups, we do not close the dyke to intentionally make access to the area difficult as we have heard mentioned.  The sole purpose is to maintain the integrity of the dyke.  It is a flood protection dyke.  Its sole purpose it to prevent waters from flooding the surrounding area, potentially impacting agriculture and personal properties.  The opportunity to walk and sometimes drive on the dyke is an added bonus but not what it was intended for.
Over $60,000 was put into resurfacing and grading the dyke in the last few years and to make sure it remains in a good repair, it is going to be closed during the times when the most damage can occur from vehicles.  Pedestrian traffic is always welcome.
We hope that everyone understands, even though you may not like it, when the dyke gets temporarily closed.  Thanks!
Dogs or No Dogs: That is the Real Question...
By Carla Ahern
There has been a lot of response to the article I wrote last month (Soggy to Stinky – From Dykes to Poop) – to the part related to dog poop. From this article discussions started, not only about poop, but about dogs in general and their place in a wildlife management area, the CVWMA in particular.
Yes, the poop problem is gross and avoidable, but this conversation is going beyond the poop. I have heard from all sides via phone calls, emails and impromptu talks on the street. There are those who believe they should be able to walk their dogs, on a leash, along the CVWMA dykes and trails. There are those who believe that a wildlife area is no place for a dog to be at all; they disturb and stress wildlife whether they are on or off a leash. Surprisingly (not), I haven't heard from those people who think they should be able to walk their dogs off leash at the CVWMA…could it be that they know what they are doing is wrong and they shouldn’t be doing it? I hope so. So stop it.
Read more of the article here.
Wildlife Centre
The Wildlife Centre will reopen for the season on May 9th, 2016.
CV Bird Fest
We are excited to be a part of the 2016 Creston Valley Bird Fest that will take place May 13-15.  Registration is now open.  To learn more about the speakers and events and to register,  please click here.
Thank-You Volunteers!
It is national volunteer week and we want to send out our sincere thanks and appreciation to those that volunteer at the CVWMA.  Through volunteering, you are part of an impressive web of 12.7-million Canadians who are giving back, making a difference and creating quality communities in Canada and around the world.

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