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December 2015
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The African Dream Academy Chronicle is published bi-annually by the African Dream Academy Foundation (ADAF) in May and December to foster support for the African Dream Academy, Inc., an independent, tuition-free school located in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa
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Gracey Stoddard
ADAF Board of Directors
Rev. Samuel R. Enders
Kurt W. Roeloffs, Jr.
Gracey Stoddard, LMSW
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Lydia Spinelli, Ed.D
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Rev. Thomas Smith
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and General Counsel:
Daryl Davis, Esq.
Natasha Bergreen
Inzata Fofana
Christine Garrison
Dr. Naznin Karsan-Khimji
Quentin Koffey
Heidi Leiser
Oliver T. Moses
Dr. Kathryn Smerling
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Dear Friend,
As we enter the final week of 2015, I want to thank you very much for supporting the African Dream Academy (ADA) this past year. We are grateful to you for so many reasons. 
With your support:
ADA was able to reopen its doors on September 14, 2015, to 401 returning students in Grades Pre-K – Sixth. The students are extremely grateful to be able to attend classes at ADA once again for a full academic year.
ADA negotiated new annual contracts with its staff of 45, keeping classes small with no more than 30 students per section. It was also able to add more teaching materials and equipment to enrich its curriculum and the learning experience of its students.
ADA replaced the roof of its multi-purpose building, which had been heavily damaged in a torrential storm in October 2015.
And, thanks to your gifts, the ADA Foundation was able to ship a donated, full-size, 64-passenger school bus to ADA from the United States, which arrived on December 1. Now students from 3 to 13 can ride safely to and from school each day protected from heavy traffic and Liberia’s extreme weather conditions.
As we move into 2016, the ADA Foundation is making plans to meet the ever- increasing costs to educate and care for ADA students so that they can become the educated leaders of tomorrow’s Liberia. Currently, a gift of $500 annually will provide an education, uniforms, and a hot, nutritious meal to each student. We hope that you will consider renewing your support by making a gift to our General Fund for the 2016-17 academic year. Every dollar you give will go directly to the support of the students. CLICK HERE to make your donation on our website’s DONATE page.
With my sincere thanks and best wishes for a blessed new year,

Gracey Stoddard
African Dream Academy Foundation
ADA Celebrate the Arrival of School Bus 
Article Image
All 401 ADA students turned out to celebrate receiving its first school bus to campus.  Students who previously had to walk to school or ride on the back of a motorcycle, traveling along a major highway, can now arrive at school safe and dry from the often inclement weather
ADAF Board Welcomes Three New Directors 
 New ADAF Board Member Inzata Fofana
 New ADAF Board Member Christine Garrison
New ADAF Board Member Oliver T. Moses
African Dream Academy Foundation
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African Dream Academy Foundation
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