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May 2015
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About the Newsletter
The African Dream Academy Chronicle is published bi-annually by the African Dream Academy Foundation (ADAF) in May and November to foster support for the African Dream Academy, Inc., an independent, tuition-free school located in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa.
Editor of the Chronicle:
Gracey Stoddard
ADAF Board of Directors
Rev. Samuel R. Enders
Kurt W. Roeloffs, Jr.
Gracey Stoddard, LMSW
Vice President:
Lydia Spinelli, Ed.D
Kathleen L. Kaasch
Corporate Secretary:
Rev. Thomas Smith
Acting Corporate Secretary and General Counsel:
Daryl Davis, Esq.
Natasha Bergreen
Dr. Naznin Karsan-Khimji
Quentin Koffey
Heidi Leiser
Dr. Kathryn Smerling
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The African Dream Academy Foundation's Board of Directors demonstrates its 100% dedication to ADA by covering all administrative and fundraising costs, in order that 100% of your donatation can go directly towards the cost of educating ADA students.  We sincerely thank you for your gifts that will give these children hope and the tools for a brighter future.
Dear Friends:
   Great news is coming out of the Republic of Liberia! First, the African Dream Academy (ADA) was allowed to reopen its doors on March 2, 2015, after being closed for eight months due to the Ebola epidemic.
   Second, on May 9th, the World Health Organization declared the end of Liberia’s current outbreak of Ebola, since the country passed the important milestone of 42 days without reporting a new case! Thanks largely to the extraordinary leadership of ADA Founder and Executive Director Samuel Enders and his volunteers, none of the ADA staff or students contracted the deadly virus. Thankfully ADA can now help lead the way back to normalcy for its families and students.
   The African Dream Academy Foundation (ADAF) is extremely grateful to all of you who have given so generously in the past to ADA. Your gifts have helped fight the Ebola epidemic, provide an education to ADA students, and given hope to ADA families for a better future and escape from crushing poverty. Today we ask that you renew your support by making a gift that will enable all ADA students to continue their education in the 2015-16 academic year.
   To learn how you can make a gift to ADA, either by joining our Campaign to Sponsor a Child or by making a general donation of any amount, please CLICK HERE to visit our website's Donate page.
   With great thanks,
   Gracey Stoddard
   African Dream Academy Foundation
ADA Reopens to Joyful Students 
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In February 2015, after the Ebola epidemic in Liberia had been brought largely under control, ADA began registering children for classes Nursery (three-year-olds) through Grade Six. Eventually 443 children were registered, an increase of 173 students over the previous year.  
This expansion of the school resulted from the enormous demand for enrollment from both new and former ADA families, as well as the Liberian government, which acknowledged its need for ADA’s help in providing an education to many of Liberia’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. In a country recently torn apart by tragedy and chaos, ADA is recognized as a haven of safe, reliable, and superior educational services. Executive Director Samuel Enders and his staff are currently working extremely hard to reintroduce a sense of normalcy into the lives of ADA students and give them renewed hope for their future.
The school's growth has presented new challenges to both ADA and ADAF. Due to the increase in students, ADA has divided six classes into two sections each to keep classes small from Nursery - Grade Three and added six new teaching positions to the payroll. While the average cost to educate and care for each student has decreased from the prior year, ADAF is still faced with a considerable challenge to increase its fund-raising to support the school’s greater number of students for 2015-16.   We are all extremely thankful that the Ebola crisis has passed, and ADA has reopened. However, now the work of recovery for both Liberia and ADA has just begun.  
Rotary International Award 
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In February 2015, as ADA Founder and Executive Director Samuel Enders continued to lead the fight against Ebola in his community, Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang bestowed its Service Above Self Award upon Rev. Enders, a member of the the Rotary Club of Yonkers-East Yonkers. In his letter, Mr. Huang informed Mr. Enders that he was being recognized for his accomplishments as an outstanding Rotarian from a maximum of 150 exceptional candidates.  Rev. Enders’ leadership and selfless dedication to prevent the spread of Ebola at the risk of his own life undoubtedly saved many lives in his Liberian community. The African Dream Academy Foundation congratulates Rev. Enders for this recognition, which is well deserved.
Sharing Her Love of Learning 
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 Mia Reede, a thirteen-year-old student at the Nightingale-Bamford School, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at the end of January 2015. As part of her Bat Mitzvah, she chose to focus her studies and good works on a Mitzvah Project that would reflect her appreciation for the love she receives from family and friends and her love of English and reading. Wanting to share her idea that education and focus is the key to being able to do anything one puts one’s mind to, Mia collected and donated over 100 new books to ADA students in Grades K-4. Bravo, Mia!
Extraordinary Gift to ADA 
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Mahir Riaz, a senior at the Collegiate School, participated this past year in the national Gilder Lehman Civil War Essay Contest. With the help of his academic advisor, Dr. LeeAnna Keith, Mahir placed first in the country for his essay titled “An End to the Era of Compromise: Amending the Constitution in Civil War America” and was awarded a $1,000 prize. Having heard about the work of the African Dream Academy through the Collegiate – ADA Club, Mahir decided to donate the entire prize money to ADA.   Thanks to Mahir’s generosity, many ADA students will receive the badly needed support they need to stay in school and be inspired by his gift.
African Dream Academy Foundation
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