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The buses are rolling and the school bell has rung. Kids are back in school and returning to their "normal" routines. But for many teens, the dawn of another school year means a return to both friends AND fears... successes AND defeats... all while being surrounded by a sea of people, yet
feeling isolated and alone.
But teens aren't the only ones impacted. Each fall, parents are once again scrambling to "fit it all in," all over again!
No matter your age, it's all too easy to get overwhelmed. But when that feeling persists, either physically and/or emotionally, it can be a very scary place. Unfortunately, not everyone reaches out, or has been reached out to, in time to make healthy, lasting changes in their lives.
At YSB, Suicide Prevention is more than a month of awareness in September. It is our 40+ year long commitment to ensuring youth and their families have the resources, care and compassion needed to RESTORE HOPE, even during the most difficult of times. 
Fortunately, we are not the only voice. EVERYONE has a role to play in Suicide Prevention.

We encourage you to utilize the free online resources below; to strengthen yourself and support those you care about. We ask that you ACT. We ask that you SHARE these resources with others. We ask that you REACH OUT. So no one has to feel alone.

And remember, we're only a call - or click- away.

We All Play a Role in Preventing Suicide
By: Emily Johnson, YSB Youth & Family Therapist, and Sarah Holmboe, YSB Parent Education Coordinator
While having a mental illness (such as depression or anxiety) can be a risk factor for death by suicide, suicides typically happen in moments of crisis. A suicide attempt is often an impulsive decision that young people turn to when they feel a breakdown in their ability to deal with their stress, mood, or perceived hopelessness.
Here are some things we can do to help prevent suicide and offer hope and support to those suffering:
                                                                  Read More
5 Tools Every Parent Should Have In Their Toolbelt

By: Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, Parent Coach             
It’s hard to be a parent, that much is true. And, it’s even
more difficult to parent when you’re not equipped with the right strategies to work with your children.

Schedules, long days, homework, games, practices, and don’t forget eating and sleeping: all this is to be accomplished by you each day! But how? How do you manage to get through this without falling apart?
Here are 5 strategies that you must have in your
parenting toolbelt to reduce stress and tension in your family:                                        
                                                        Read More
"Not My Kid"
Presented by: The Society for Prevention of Teen Suicide
It's no surprise that talking to teens can be challenging. So how are you supposed to navigate the tough conversations around suicide and prevention?
In this 17 minute video, parents ask real-world questions and get feasible tips and tools to start open discussions with their teens.                                                                                    Watch Video
Mental Health Crisis Support

1-888-628-9454 for Spanish-speaking callers
Canvas Health 24-hour Crisis Connection: 612-379-6363
Youth Mental Health Line

Child-Help USA: Coping With Stress
1-800-422-4453 (24 hour toll free)
And remember: "Talk Saves Lives"

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