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Stillwater Chamber Community Showcase
Curious about YSB services and impact?  Visit our booth at the Stillwater Expo: 
 Sunday, April 10th,
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Navigating the Rapids of Teenage Relationships

Speakers Bureau event, open to the public
Monday, April 25th 6:30-8:00pm

King of Kings Lutheran Church

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At YSB, we take a team-focused
approach to helping families identify the pieces needed to build a healthy family AND build strategies to fit it all together.
We encourage you to utilize these free online resources wherever you go, and remember you're never alone in meeting the challenges of raising kids and teens.
Why does "You're Grounded!" never seem to work?
Sarah Holmboe, M.A.,
YSB Parent Education Coordinator

Picture this: your teenager comes home past curfew and finds himself grounded for two weeks. He isn’t allowed to leave the house or contact his friends outside of school.
It seems like a good plan... until the two weeks are up and he decides to stay out even later than before.  He may think, “I was only grounded for two weeks. What’s the big deal?”
Grounding is one of the many discipline strategies parents turn to when their teens make poor decisions.
So why does “You’re grounded!” never seem to work so well, and what can parents try instead?
13 Tips to Parent Your Teen
Elinor Robin, Ph.D.
My mother would say that being a parent is the hardest job on the planet. Certainly it's the only job you can't quit or get fired from. And, there's no pay -- at least not in actual money. Instead, the way parenting works is that you, the parent, pour yourself into the universe surrounding this little being for about twenty years.
Slowly, he or she hatches out of the environment you created, and goes on to do things his or her own way. If you see his way as a rejection or diminishing of what you believe is best and true, parenting may become your most frustrating life experience. On the other hand, parenting can be a very rewarding experience if you accept (even when you don't agree with) your child and her decisions. This acceptance can be especially difficult during your child's teenage years. 
Here are thirteen tips to make it easier to parent your teen.
Consequences Vs. Punishment
Mike Huntley, M.A., L.P.
YSB Youth and Family Therapist
As parent, if you are unsure if you are giving a consequence or punishment, try the "Litmus Test" and ask yourself the these questions:
If I do this action as a parent, who will my child become legitimately frustrated or angry with?
Me or him/herself?
If the answer is "Me", then you might be doing a punishment.
If the answer is "Him/Herself", you're probably giving a consequence… (but be prepared for your child to act angry with you anyway!)
Use this chart for a quick and easy reference to learn the differences in approach and outcomes of these two styles.
Build Your Legacy: Strengthen Your Community
Youth Service Bureau is joining with six other nonrprofits in the St. Croix Valley to sponsor a free informational session on estate planning with Shannon Hooley Enright, an estate planning attorney with Eckberg Lammers. “Build your Legacy: Strengthen your Community” will be held on Tuesday, April 12, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Bradshaw Celebration of Life Center in Stillwater. Enright will be speaking about ways to safeguard the future of people and organizations you care about. 
Although the event is free, space is limited. Please RSVP to Anne-Marie Hendrickson, YSB Development Director, by Monday morning, April 11, at 651-439-8800 or
The event is being sponsored by the following nonprofits: ArtReach St. Croix; Community Thread; EVOLVE Adoption and Family Services; The Partnership Plan; Valley Outreach; St. Croix River Association, and Youth Service Bureau.


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